Why do organizations need uniforms?
Organizations use uniforms in an effort at branding and developing a standard image for the organization. Uniforms also have important effects on the individuals who wear them, as they create a feeling of belonging and cohesiveness. In schools, uniforms can help to reduce visible signs of disparity in students’ economic backgrounds, which could otherwise give rise to discontent. For public organizations such as the police, security forces or fire-fighters, uniforms also assist in identification during their activities.

What types of organizations need uniforms?
Pretty much any organization whose activities require cohesiveness and team-work could benefit from uniforms. Around the world various types of organizations use uniforms, with usage varying more due to cultural reasons than any other. In India, most schools prescribe a set uniform which varies for daily use and for physical education (PT). Most manufacturing industries and service industries eg facility management, security, food service, hospitality, courier etc., also use uniforms. In addition to this public organizations such as the armed forces, police and fire fighters are uniformed. Add to this sports teams (and their supporters), who are also always in uniform.

Which countries are uniforms prevalent in?
Countries with mandatory school uniforms include Japan, India, Australia, some schools in China, and the United Kingdom, among as many other places. Corporate uniforms are common in many countries and are increasingly being used in India.

What are some uniform trends in India?
There is an increasing awareness about how uniforms are an important component of an organization’s brand identity and image. Corporates are upgrading from their old uniforms which were stitched by local tailors, and hence were of non-standard and often poor quality, to higher quality factory-made readymade uniforms. Established schools are realizing that their uniforms have not kept pace with the quality of their education and facilities. Since student comfort and appearance are critical, they are also exploring better quality factory-manufactured uniforms. New schools of course have an advantage as they are implementing high quality uniform solutions
from day 1.

What are the best uniform fabrics for usage in India?
Uniform fabrics come in a variety of fabrications depending upon the functional requirement, image of the organization and cost constraints. Typically for daily use school uniforms poly-viscose or poly-cotton blends are more appropriate, as they tend to be easier to maintain and are also relatively more cost-effective. In general blended fabrics tend to provide the best solution. However, it would be best to speak with an expert regarding your requirements to ensure that you get what best suits your needs.

How best to care for uniforms and apparel?
The first rule is to read the Wash Care instructions carefully and to follow them! In general, wash dark colours with dark and light ones with light. Bleach should never be used with colored garments. Do not dry clothes directly in sunlight as they will definitely fade. And do always use only gentle detergents.